Eastern Shore District High School

Update concerning Curriculum Night at ESDH

Subject: Re-Schedule Curriculum Night to NEXT Weds

This is a message for the ESDH School Community.

Based on the exceptional circumstances that Hurricane Dorian has brought, we will be re-scheduling Curriculum Night (and the Awards Night that follows in the gym) until NEXT Wednesday, September 18 at 6:30pm.  We appreciate that many families are without power and dealing with some storm clean-up.  Thank you for your help in getting this information out to those without power and/or having data issues.  We sincerely hope that you have been able to weather the storm with minimal impact.  We look forward to seeing our Schoons back tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 18:  Curriculum Night will start at 6:30pm with parents/guardians heading to their student’s A-block class.  Parents/guardians will spend ten minutes with that teacher and then announcements will be made to change to the next block with the evening finishing at 7:30pm.  We will be following the Monday Schedule (A-B-C-D).  Schedules can be found in PowerSchool but feel welcome to come early to the office should you need some assistance or contact the office prior to next Wednesday especially if you are unable to access PowerSchool.
Invitations were sent to students for Awards Night (based on semester 2 of 2018/19).  Awards Night will begin in the gym after Curriculum Night around 7:35pm.  We welcome family and friends to attend and share our pride for our students’ achievements!

Thank you for your continued support of ESDH!
Jen Murray, Proud Principal, ESDH