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League of Innovators Summer of Impact - Youth Entrepreneurship Camp

The Innovators Academy at LOI is calling all youth aged 14-25 interested in entrepreneurship, innovation, or changemaking!

The Impact Entrepreneurship Youth Summer Camp 2021 is a free month-long summit featuring 2 hour week webinars with inspiring entrepreneurs, changemakers and leaders sharing their powerful stories and best practices through keynotes, panels, workshops and more.

At the end of the camp, youth will have the opportunity to pitch their own innovative ideas for prizes. The event starts on Tuesday, July 6th.

Register here: https://impact-summer-camp-2021.eventbrite.ca

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Week 1 Sample
A summer of changemaking! @LOIUnplugged is holding a virtual boot camp for youth interested in entrepreneurship, innovation, or changemaking starting July 6th. Learn new skills and have the chance to pitch their innovative ideas for prizes. impact-summer-camp-2021.eventbrite.ca [279/280 characters]

Week 2 Sample
We are so excited for @LOIUnplugged ’s FREE Impact Entrepreneurship Summer Camp! On July 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th, LOI will host inspiring entrepreneurs, changemakers, and leaders. Check out the full 4-week itinerary and register at impact-summer-camp-2021.eventbrite.ca [270]

Week 3 Sample
Calling young innovators across Canada! What sparks your fire? Join @LOIUnplugged’s on July 6th for their Entrepreneurship Camp to get your daily dose of entrepreneurial skills, tools, and inspiration to kickstart your changemaking journey! Impact-summer-camp-2021.eventbrite.ca [278]

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This is the summer of impact! League of Innovators is hosting a free virtual summer camp for young people across Canada interested in impact and entrepreneurship! Each week in July will feature a 2-hour live webinar on Tuesdays, followed by a mentorship hour on Thursdays along with countless resources and opportunities to connect. Hear from inspiring entrepreneurs, changemakers and leaders sharing their powerful stories and best practices through keynotes, panels, workshops and more. Check out what each week’s session includes ⬇️

Week 1: Spark your Passion (July 6th)
Week 2: Spark Change (July 13th)
Week 3: Spark Ideas (July 20th)
Week 4: Spark your Story (July 27th)

You’ll also have the chance to submit your idea or startup to LOI’s Impact Innovation Challenge for a chance to win a cash and prize package!

Ready to spark your fire and kickstart your changemaking journey? Sign up at


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