Eastern Shore District High School

Class of 2023 Information

Grade 12 Information

Graduation Gown Measurements and Fee

Each student/family must complete the grad gown order form by April 28th - The link is below


Please recognize that Full Fit is 66" along the shoulders and the Regular Fit is 44", which makes a significant difference.  Measure carefully as we will not be able to exchange or replace your gown if it doesn't fit.
The grad fee is being subsidized $45 per graduate by the School Advisory Council.  Families are asked to pay $20.  This payment can be made online through school cash (https://hrce.schoolcashonline.com/) anytime between April 14th and May 2nd.  Cash or Cheque payments will only be accepted  at lunchtime on Thursdays and Fridays ONLY beginning May 4th and ending May 26

Students who pay online (https://hrce.schoolcashonline.com/) are asked to see Ms. Gaetz at lunchtime on Thursdays and Fridays ONLY beginning May 4th and ending May 26 to pick up their grad invitations.
The grad invites are only a souvenir and are not required to attend the graduation

Lobster Ticket Money

If you have money from lobster ticket sales and it only covers part of the fee for prom or grad, you will need to pay the remaining balance in cash or a cheque to Ms. Gaetz  at lunchtime on Thursdays and Fridays ONLY beginning May 4th and ending May 26

Prom - June 2nd, 2023

Tickets will be available to purchase for $30 (with cash or cheque or previously paid online through schoolcash - https://hrce.schoolcashonline.com/) from Ms. Gaetz at lunchtime on Thursdays and Fridays ONLY beginning May 4th and ending May 26.  All forms must be completed and athletics fees and uniforms must be returned before the student can purchase a ticket.  All grade 12 students will have an option on School Cash to pay for the prom fee and the grad fee.  Students will still be required to see Ms. Gaetz for the ticket pick up.

The prom doors will be open from 7:30pm - 8:30pm (only), the music starts at 8:00pm and prom will end at 10:30pm.

The parking lot is only open for students and staff to use.  If you need an accommodation to be able to watch the grads arrive, please contact Ms. Gaetz at 902-889-4025 ext 1

All students are asked to come to the school by turning onto East Petpeswick, to the Clam Shell then right onto the West Petpeswick Rd and then a right into the school’s bus loop.

Each student will exit their vehicle onto the red carpet at the front doors.  There will be a photographer there to take a photo of the students on the red carpet.  Families are welcome to come up to the red carpet and take a couple of photos as their student arrives.  We ask everyone to be respectful of the time and to quickly move away from the red carpet, so the next student and their family can have their photo opportunity as well.

Reminder to all that smoking or vaping is not allowed on school property

Students who wish to leave prom early must have the “LEAVE PROM EARLY” section of the FORM 1 signed and dated by a parent/guardian.  If this section is not completed the ESDH staff will need to contact the parent to ensure they are aware their student is leaving early.

If a student is bringing a guest (who is not a member of the ESDH class of 2023) the graduate is responsible for the guest.  If for some reason the guest is asked to leave the prom the grad will be asked to leave as well.  This guest must also leave the prom when the graduate leaves the prom.

Prom tickets are just a keepsake - they are not required to enter the prom

Grad Ice Cream Social and t-shirt signing - June 8th - from 1:55pm to 3:00pm

Grad gowns will be available to be picked up in the main office during lunch time the week before exams and they are for the students to keep.  Enjoy taking many family and friends pictures but PLEASE ensure to bring the gown, hood/stoll, cap and 2023 tassel to graduation on June 28!

Graduation Day - June 28th

Grad breakfast at ESDH at 9am.

Mandatory graduation rehearsal at the rink at 10:30am.

Graduation ceremony - begins at 7pm - grads must be at the rink no later that 6:15pm.

Please note we do not have a guest limit in place, but we would ask families to try to keep their number of guests to 4 people.  Should you need accommodation for a guest, please contact Kim Gaetz at 902-889-4025 ahead of time so we can make arrangements.  There is no reserved seating.

Guests will be able to enter the rink at 6pm. 

Scholarships and Awards

Please note the local awards are being posted as they are received at this link - https://sites.google.com/gnspes.ca/ms-dentremont/local-scholarships

Also, as a reminder, some of the awards have criteria, such as program choice and financial need.  All students heading to any college or university should have a look at the awards available and apply to those that match the criteria.

We are the fortunate recipient of the Brian Dickie Memorial Award, which has been integral for many students' educational paths over the past 20 years.  Mr. Dickie gifted ESDH with a $1,000,000 from which the interest earned each year is gifted to both university and community college bound students.  The application will be available next week at this link https://sites.google.com/gnspes.ca/ms-dentremont/local-scholarships

Nova Scotia Student Loans

The portal to apply for a Nova Scotia Student Loan for September 2023 is now open at https://novascotia.ca/studentassistance/Apply/New/ApplyNow.asp

There is a slideshow available at this link to help students prepare and gather the information needed to apply. https://sites.google.com/gnspes.ca/ms-dentremont/student-loans

University and College Scholarships

Students who have received scholarships from post secondary institutes are asked to submit a copy of the scholarship letter offer to Ms.Stevens at nstevens@gnspes.ca

We announce these scholarships during the graduation and in the program. 

The deadline to receive this information is June 20th.