Eastern Shore District High School


SchoolsPlus staff are here to support Eastern Shore District High families. We can:
• Connect you with services that can make a difference for your family.
• Work with you and school staff to help your child be successful.
• Help you get ready for a meeting with a school, agency, landlord, etc. We’ll help you feel prepared and have a voice.
• Help you navigate food insecurity, housing insecurity, grief or loss, the mental health system or medical system, the Department of Community Service or Income Assistance, etc.
• Help you fill out forms.
• Help you apply for and access funding (to help pay for things like recreation programs, dental work, eyeglasses, tutoring, etc.).
• Support you during a stressful time.

SchoolsPlus services are free and confidential. Your Eastern Shore District High SchoolsPlus team includes Katelyn Woschek (Assistant Lead) and Jane Yeo (Community Outreach Worker). For more info, contact us at:  902-476-0173 (phone or text) or kwoschek@hrce.ca.