Eastern Shore District High School

Email Communication - September 29, 2020

September 29, 2020

Dear ESDH Families,

We are nearly at the end of September already.  It truly has been wonderful to have students back at school and we are all adjusting to the new ways of navigating school.  We again thank our staff, students and community for supporting the on-going message of practicing layered approaches to keep us safe with social distancing when possible, wearing masks and regular handwashing/sanitizing.  Thank you all for doing a symptom check each morning (direct link) and for ensuring there are arrangements in place should your child need to be picked up during the day.

Various sports and activities are gearing up within the COVID protocols/guidelines.  This truly brings back some normalcy to the high school experience.  We thank the volunteers who have been able to bring back some of these opportunities all while respecting the current parameters.

In lieu of a curriculum evening this year, all teachers will be sharing course outcomes, evaluation overview and communication information via emails to all of their students’ families.  These should all have been sent  by the end of this week (October 2, 2020). If you did not receive an email, please contact the office.  We can double check the email addresses in PowerSchool and/or arrange for a paper version to be sent home with your child.  All staff emails are available on our school website or please feel welcome to call the school at 902-889-4025.

The cafeteria contract provider is still considering options to re-open but currently remains closed for food service.  Students are encouraged to bring their own lunches.  As students enjoy their lunch break, some have made the decision to leave property to go for a walk or to buy lunch at one of the local eateries.  We feel it is important for you to know that there is lunch time supervision at the Eastern Shore District High School, but there is no supervision off property.  As a reminder, there are spaces available for the students on both lunches to stay at the school to eat their lunch or hang out with their friends and socially distance while eating.

Thank you for completing and returning verification sheets.  A media release form was also sent today.  Students are asked to return their completed forms to their A-block teachers.  Those on study during A-block can return their forms to the office. 

PowerSchool is a great way to monitor your child’s progress.  If you are unable to login to PowerSchool, please contact the office so we can help.  Daily announcements will be available in PowerSchool under “Daily Bulletin” for staff, students and families. 

For our grade 12 families, we are preparing an information package in lieu of our usual in-person event for parents/guardians.  We will be sending that out soon.  We will also be sharing with students information as it comes to us about available virtual open house opportunities for colleges and universities.  Please check out our guidance website.   A reminder to our grade 12, if you have applied to NSCC, your in progress transcript must be in by September 30.  Guidance will be connecting with our  grade 11 students to discuss programs for consideration at NSCC so that they can consider applying later this year. 

Here is a message from our Student Services Department:

Our learning Support teachers (Resource/Learning center teachers) provide direct, collaborative support to classroom teachers and students.  They support classroom teachers by developing and implementing strategies to promote students' well-being and achievement.  They may also work directly with individual or small groups of students.

If you student has received supports and/or adaptations in the past, you would have received an e-mail with an introduction letter attached from the learning support teachers indicating how students are supported at ESDH.

If you did not receive this correspondence and/or have any questions about student support at ESDH, please contact Ms. Murrant: cmurrant@hrce.ca  (902)889-4025 Ext: 770-1104

Please always feel welcome to reach out to your child’s teacher/s, support staff and/or administration should you have any questions/concerns. 

It truly takes a village to support our youth and your support is greatly appreciated.

Take care,

Jennifer Murray

Principal, ESDH

Important dates: 

Wednesday, September 30 - Orange Shirt Day- As a collective act of reconciliation, wear orange to promote awareness of the impact of residential schools on our indigenous communities and the experiences of residential school survivors.

Wednesday, September 30 - Picture Day

Monday, October 12    Thanksgiving - no classes  We are thankful for our supportive community

Wednesday, November 11    Remembrance Day - no classes  We will remember them

Between Nov 16-Dec 3    Mid-term/report cards will be sent home P-12

Thursday, December 3    Morning Professional Development (no classes); Afternoon Parent-Teacher (more to details to follow)

Tuesday, December 22    Last day of classes prior to holiday break

Monday, January 4, 2021    Schools reopen

Thursday, January 21    NS Virtual Exams are to be written on this day

January 25-28        High School Exams are written

Friday, January 29    Assessment and Evaluation Day for High Schools (no classes)

Monday, February 1    Second semester begins