Eastern Shore District High School

Exam Schedule - June 11 to 14

1)  Morning exams begin at 9:30 sharp - all students must be logged on and in the Google exam meet by 9:25am to receive exam instructions.

2)  Afternoon exams begin at 1:00pm sharp - all students must be logged on and in the Google exam meet by 12:55pm to receive exam instructions.

3)  The time for each exam will be 90 minutes.  If the teacher extends the exam writing time it can only be extended to a maximum of 30 minutes. 

4)  Each teacher will provide instructions on their expectations for the exam.  These expectations will be posted in the google classroom and the teacher will review these expectations with the students during their class on June 7th & 8th.  Any concerns the student may have must be brought forward to the teacher prior to the day of the exam.

5) If there is an internet connection issue - please call 902-889-4025 ext 0 immediately.  A staff member will advise you from there. 

6) Any students with two exams scheduled at the same time are asked to email Ms. Ellis at sellis@hrce.ca as soon as possible.

7)  If a student has extenuating circumstances (ie. vaccine appointment) on the day of the exam and require a make up exam, they must contact Ms. Ellis as soon as possible at sellis@hrce.ca or call 902-889-4025 ext 3

8)  Ms. Murrant and Ms. Rivalin will reach out to teachers and students directly about any documented adaptations that will be supported by the teaching support team during the exam period.