Eastern Shore District High School

Food Drive is Happening on B Block! - November 16, 2020

Food drive is happening on B Block.  As you are on Study Block at this time, Ms Watson will be your teacher for the sake of the competition.  All food bank donations should be brought to Ms Watson in room 204.


Please refer to the attached poster on what items are required to complete a Christmas Box.  The goal is to fill boxes, but no donations will be turned away.  Students can also donate money.  This year, food banks are not able to accept clothing (either new or used).


  • 1st class to fill their box gets a Timbit party.  Study block with Ms Watson counts as a class!!
  • For every completed box, your class gets put into a draw for a pizza party
  • Every day that a student brings in a donation to Ms Watson, she will give you a checkmark.  One checkmark per day regardless of the size of the donation (maximum of 10 entries).
  • Last day for collections is December 9th (or 10th).  The food banks are arriving Friday, December 11th to pick up donations.

Thank you!


Laura Watson

French Immersion Sciences

Student Council Advisor

Student Leadership Association of NS Board Member

Eastern Shore District High