Eastern Shore District High School

Semester Two Information - January 27, 2021

Welcome to Semester 2!

The following are some important messages to students and families as we prepare for the start of semester 2. 

The first day of semester 2 is Monday, February 1.

Where to go on the first day of Semester 2:

As we did to start up semester 1, we will do the same procedure by emailing all students and parents the class room number they are to attend to receive their schedules.  This information will be sent out on Friday.  If a student can’t access their email, they are welcome to come to the office upon their arrival and they will be directed to the proper classroom for their semester 2 schedule. 

Same 2 course schedule and rolling breaks but only 1 lunch block.

We will be continuing with the same 2 block schedule for semester 2.  We will continue with 10 minute rolling breaks of one class per hallway during the morning and afternoon classes.  Students will continue to be encouraged to head outside for some fresh air.  However, we will only have one lunch with a staggered dismissal of 10 minutes depending on the classroom. 

This is meant to ease any congestion in the hallways.  All people in the building are expected to continue with the use of masks in all common areas including hallways and lobby.  Lunch spaces are available in the cafeteria, library and rolling classrooms to ensure there are many options with social distancing.  Supervision is available at school over lunch yet not off school grounds.  We encourage students to remain at school over lunch. 

The cafeteria kitchen contractor will be open for food service for second semester. Hands-free payment is encouraged as there is tap and reloaded cafeteria cards. Students are to follow-up healthy protocols posted including social distancing lines, masks and sanitizing. 


We are going to have Chromebooks available for students enrolled in classes where they are needed for semester 2.  There will be a computer usage loan form for students and families to complete.  Students will be expected to be prepared for their classes which includes having their Chromebook charged and ready for use for every class.

Grades and Report Cards

PowerSchool has the rolling grade temporarily turned off as teachers prepare final grades and comments for report cards.  Report cards will be emailed the week of February 8, 2021.  If parents/guardians do not receive an email by the end of the week, they are asked to contact the main office to ensure the correct email address is on file. 

Emergency Management Planning - Second Semester Review

The safety and security of our students and staff is a top priority for ESDH and the Halifax Regional Centre for Education. We  implement a number of measures as part of a comprehensive plan aimed at ensuring our school remains a safe place for our students to learn.

During the week of February 8, 2021, we will again be reviewing “Lockdown” drill procedures. During a Lockdown drill, classroom doors are secured and the students remain inside the room until instructed by administration and our RCMP Liaison Officer to resume activities. All exterior doors are locked and no one is permitted to enter or leave the building. Students are kept inside the school and classrooms when circumstances make it safer to stay in the classroom rather than evacuate. Just as we prepare our students to properly respond to a fire drill, they also need to be aware of the proper response for a lockdown drill. Teachers and administration will be reviewing expectations of behaviours and procedures with  all students as we all have a responsibility for each others’ safety.  Again, we will be conducting this drill in partnership with our RCMP Liaison Officer.

During Hold-and-Secure, students remain in their classroom with doors locked as instruction continues.  Hallway access is not permitted unless otherwise directed by administration.  A typical reason for using  hold-and-secure would be to limit hallway traffic due to a  medical need. This will also be reviewed with students again. 

A reminder that should there ever be a need to relocate our school population, please know that our first relocation site is the Musquodoboit Harbour Community Centre (rink - 97 Park St).  Our second site is MH United Church of Canada (7964 Hwy 7). 

We expect continued support and understanding from our students around the importance of these safety drills.  Please take the time to speak with your child about these procedures and reinforce their importance.

Please feel welcome to contact administration should you have any questions about Emergency Management Planning.

Course and Teacher introductions

All semester 2 teachers will be reaching out to families to introduce themselves and their courses.  Please be on the lookout for emails from your child’s teachers by February 18, 2021.  Please contact the main office if you would prefer to have hard copies of course outlines sent home with your child. 

Scholarships, Bursaries and lots of other information

Our grade 12s are reminded to check out Ms. Greenough’s website for lots of great resources including information on various scholarships and bursaries.  Students considering university or college (NSCC) should apply early and to various programs of interest. Please check admission criteria as each program and institution has specific entrance requirements.  There is much support from our community to help our Schoons so please take some time to review what is available.

Those in grade 11 and considering NSCC can complete their application this year if they have worked through their post-secondary/career plan. Check out NSCC to access their wide range of programs.  If you still have questions, please email Ms.Greenough.

All of our students and families are welcome to check out the guidance website for lots of information pertaining to personal and career counselling, course registration, and wellness support. 

ESDH Virtual SAC

Our next virtual SAC is Wednesday, February 17 at 6:30pm.  If you would like to attend the virtual meeting, please email Ms. Ellis at sellis@hrce.ca

Reminder of Covid Regulations when visiting ESDH

Our school is currently only to be accessed by students, staff and by those with appointments.  If you are picking up your student please call 902-889-4025 ext when you arrive and the admin assistant will take care of getting your student out of class.  A reminder to everyone that masks are required in all public areas of the school.  Students are asked to sanitize when they enter a new space in the school.  We will continue to dismiss students by bus number to alleviate students gathering in large numbers. Students are encouraged to wear their masks outside when they are not socially distanced from others.

Important dates

Semester 2 Begins                                      Monday, February 1

Report Cards                                               Week of February 8

Edward Francis Arab Day (schools closed)         Monday, February 15

SAC Meetings:                                            February 17 6:30pm virtual                

March Break                                               March 15 to 19

Good Friday                                                Friday, April 2

Easter Monday                                           Monday, April 5

Mid-term Reports                                        April 19 to 29

Morning PD Day P-12 (no classes)                           Thursday, April 22 AM

Afternoon Parent Teacher Meetings (no classes)       Thursday, April 22 PM

PD Day P-12                                                Friday, May 21

Victoria Day                                                 Monday, May 24

Tentative Prom                                              Friday June 11

NSVS Exams                                                Thursday, June 17

High School Exams                                       June 21 to 25

Assessment & Evaluation                         June 28 & 29

Tentative Grad                                              Tuesday, June 29 7pm at rink

Last Day                                                   June 30