Eastern Shore District High School

Supply List

Students may decide how best to organize their course binders. 

Some may want to have a 4 separate binders per semester for each course while others may prefer to use 2 with dividers and have 2 courses in a binder that aligns with their blocks.

Please take advantage of sales and stock up on lined paper.  Set aside some for second semester courses too.

Pens, pencils, markers/coloured pencils are some basics that are often on sale.  Again, please consider setting some refresh items aside for second semester

If students are planning to purchase a calculator for math class - the suggested model is Texas Instruments - T1-30XIIS

For Art courses:

Students will need a Duotang/Binder/Sketchbook (one of these three) to keep sketches in

It is suggested that students have the following items for art classes -  items will be available in the class if needed:

  • Coloured pencils

  • Markers

  • Sketching pencils (Number 2 and 6)